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Parking Lots Can Be Crime Hot Spots

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We've talked about this before and we will continue to highlight the very real threat parking lots can pose to your self-defense plan.

Because they are a transition point for people, bad people can move around without attracting attention while they scope out potential victims -- a point self-defense expert Chris Fry makes in this news video and article about a deadly shooting in a Las Vegas In-N-Out Burger parking lot.

“To predatory criminals, a parking lot is frequented a lot by various people and the way they perpetrate crime is they sit and look at different individuals and decide… this person looks like they're vulnerable,” Fry added.

If you’re in a situation that’s escalating, Fry says you should first try to talk your way out of a conflict.

“If I can't avoid it or diffuse it then I want to try to escape, if I can just run away I want to run away. Lastly if I can't do all those previous options, I want to act. That action requires me being proficient with my firearm if I do have a firearm or some other means of self defense,” Fry said.

In the article Chris says he teaches an acronym to help students remember what to do:

W- Waistline. Check a suspicious person’s waistline for any #weapons.

H- Hands. If you can’t see both hands, be aware a person could be hiding a weapon in one of them.

A- Arms length. Keep an arms length away from anyone you think could be a threat. This gives you a defensive advantage.

T- Temperament. Be aware of someone’s temperament. If they are nervous or angry, that person could be a threat.

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