Sometimes Crime Finds You, Prepare Now

You are a good person. You do the right thing and never cause any trouble. People like you and you don't have any enemies. You live in a nice part of town.

That means you are at a low risk of #crime, right? True, you might be at a low risk, but you should be aware that you can still be a target of a #violent #criminal through no fault or action of your own.

Take this case:

The Phoenix Police Department said 32-year-old Ryan Johnson Davis allegedly stole a vehicle near 51st and Van Buren streets around 10 p.m. 

Davis allegedly stole the vehicle, minorly injuring the victim during a struggle in which the driver tried to prevent his car from being stolen. 

Davis then allegedly drove to the area of 53rd Street and Indian School Road, where he ditched the car and attempted to force his way into a home before he was shot by the homeowner. 

The homeowner, through no fault of their own or having any connection with Davis, is now forced to defend themselves from a violent home invasion. You cannot plan on the time or place where a criminal might attack. Therefore, focus on the things you can control to improve your self-defense.

#selfdefense #homeinvasion

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