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Sometimes Crime Finds You, Prepare Now

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

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The criminal decides when and where to attack.

You cannot plan on the time or place where a criminal might attack. In fact, it's the criminal who decides when and where they will at attack.

You are a good person. You do the right thing and never cause any trouble. People like you and you don't have any enemies. You live in a nice part of town.

That means you are at a low risk of #crime, right? True, you might be at a low risk, but you should be aware that you can still be a target of a #violent #criminal through no fault or action of your own.

Take this case:

A criminal stole a vehicle, injuring a man who struggled to keep from being carjacked.

The criminal then drives to a residential area where he, inexplicably, ditches the stolen car and tries to force his way into a home before he was shot by the homeowner. 

The homeowner, through no fault of their own or having any connection with the criminal, is now forced to defend themselves from a violent home invasion.

We routinely believe we are not going to be attacked because:

  • We have taken reasonable steps to stay safe. If you have proactively taken steps for your personal security, your chances of being attacked are dramatically lower. When you look at the post below about the crime triangle you'll see that criminals are looking for opportunities and vulnerabilities. If you have decreased both of these your chances really are less of being attacked. It doesn't mean you won't be, but you've taken the steps to lessen the chances.

  • We've not been attacked before so there's no reason that we should be attacked now. This is often referred to as Normalcy Bias and we are all guilty of it. Essentially this mental condition is caused because of our history of not being attacked. The more time that goes by without an attack, means our brain tells us that we won't be attacked. This may or may not be statistically likely in your area, but just the example above proves that you can be put under a deadly threat at any time.

You cannot plan on the time or place where a criminal might attack. Therefore, focus on the things you can control to improve your self-defense.

NOTE: The original post was been revised to take out the names of the actual parties involved as per our new policy.

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