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The Women's Self-Defense Community Mission


To empower women through education and training for self-defense, rape prevention, and personal protection. 


The Women's Self-Defense Community Objective 

To create an intentionally-formed community supporting women to become more skilled at staying safe in an increasingly unsafe world.


The Women's Self-Defense Community Guiding Principles

This site should be your sanctuary and home base among people of similar motivations, experience and tolerance. This is where visitors can gain knowledge and support and where instructors can better themselves and share new ideas and challenges. 


This is your base where you: 

  • Connect with students and instructors creating a training atmosphere of freedom and safety. 

  • Use the full natural ability that you already possess.  

  • Replace the unknown with knowledge. 

  • Replace fear with intent.

  • Produce confidence and power. 

We strive to increase our abilities to  communicate and teach effectively with techniques that actually work. We want women's self-defense knowledge to be available, affordable, accessible, and awesome. 

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