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Crime Surging Across Nation

Even Smaller Cities Seeing Huge Increases in Crime

  • Murder Surge:

  • The number of murders in the U.S. surged by nearly 30% in 2020, marking the largest single-year increase ever recorded, according to FBI statistics.

  • A total of 21,570 homicides occurred in 2020, a staggering 4,901 more than in 2019, highlighting the significant rise in violence.

  • Overall Crime Rates:

  • The overall violent crime rate, including murder, assault, robbery, and rape, increased by around 5%.

  • Property crimes continued their decline, dropping 8% from 2019.

  • Scale of Change:

  • The spike in murders stands out due to the sheer scale of the increase, as reported by Jeff Asher, a crime rate data consultant.

  • The murder rate, though below historic peaks in the 1990s, indicates a more widespread problem.

  • Geographical Spread:

  • In the 1990s, New York and Los Angeles accounted for 13.5% of all murders nationally, but in 2020, it was under 4%, illustrating a more diffuse distribution of the issue.

  • City-Specific Trends:

  • In the latest FBI data, murder increased more percentage-wise in cities with populations between 10,000 and 25,000 than in cities of 250,000 to 1 million.

  • Carjackings in the nation’s capital spiked by 97.9% in 2023, with 958 reported incidents compared to 484 in 2022.

  • Motor vehicle theft increased by 82%, and in the greater Washington-Maryland-Virginia area, it rose by 68% in 2023.

  • In Oakland, robberies grew by 38%, burglaries increased by 23%, and motor vehicle theft jumped by 44% in 2023.

  • About one in every 30 Oakland residents had their cars stolen last year.

  • In New York City, the number of police officers hurt by suspects surged by 20% in 2022, reaching 4,724, compared to 3,933 in 2021.

  • In the first nine months of 2023, 4,077 officers were injured by suspects, indicating a pace for a record-breaking 5,436 injuries.

  • Criminal Boldness:

  • The increase in attacks on law enforcement indicates a concerning trend, suggesting a heightened level of boldness among criminals.

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