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Example of Choke in Attack on Woman

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

It's a common attack and you can see in this story how it can play out in real life situation.

This news story details a frightening situation of a violent domestic abuser attacking a woman by choking her while she was sleeping and also wrapping a blanket around her face.

South Windsor police have arrested a man who is accused of choking a woman while she was sleeping days after he attempted to break into her home.

Officers arrested [the attacker] on Sunday for the second time within a week.

Last Thursday, police said [he] was arrested after a domestic violence-related incident. He is accused of driving to a woman's house in South Windsor, damaging her doorbell camera and trying to get into her home.

Thankfully, her teenaged son heard her screaming and rushed to her aid.

During an interview, police said the victim indicated that [he] choked her while she was sleeping on Sunday, April 12.

According to police, the victim also said [he] wrapped a blanket around her face so she could not breathe and one of her children, a 2-year-old, was in the room during the incident.

The woman's other child, a 17-year-old, interrupted the assault after he heard screaming, investigators added.

An arrest warrant was sought for [the attacker] and he was found by Hartford Police on Sunday. He is facing charges including risk of injury to a minor, assault, strangulation and unlawful restraint.

You must have training and a plan to always protect your airway. It is so important that it is the very first object of first aid training – – check airway, breathing, circulation or ABC.

This sort of primal attack is often done out of rage and is quite common so it is one of the first defenses we teach to beginning students.

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