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Rape Suspect Kills Accuser After Release on COVID-19 Concerns

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

A man suspected of rape in Virginia killed his accuser after he was released from jail over coronavirus concerns.

The attacker was charged with six felonies including rape, strangulation, and abduction of the victim who reported her sexual assault in October.

The attacker was ordered to be held without bond until April 9 when his lawyers argued that he be released because it was "impossible" to provide the client with adequate social distancing and other safety measures while behind bars during the COVID-19 outbreak. The New York Post notes that the Alexandria prosecutor objected to the release, but the attacker was released on a $25,000 bond. Part of the release deal was a condition that he only leave his Maryland residence in order to meet with his lawyers or any other court officials.

A month after his release, the attacker was arrested again on May 8 and charged with first-

degree assault and harming a law enforcement dog After ramming a canine officer's vehicle. Again, he was released on May 11. Published accounts seem to indicate that local authorities were not aware of the previous charges the suspect faced in a different county. Apparently they would have revoked bond if they had been aware according to the Washington Post.

On July 29, the attacker went to the victim's apartment building and shot her to death.

He was spotted by federal marshals and Alexandria police on Wednesday, August 5. The suspect fled and, as law enforcement officers pursued, he crashed his vehicle and apparently shot himself. His self-inflicted gunshot wound was not fatal and the attacker is listed in critical condition at a local Virginia hospital.

Incredibly, the attacker's lawyers said they had been eagerly anticipating trial on the rape charges against him and concluded "Unfortunately, the pandemic continued the trial date by several months, and we didn't get the chance to put forth our case."

No word on if they are eagerly anticipating representing the attacker at his trial for the murder of the victim.

In related news, the video below quotes state prison officials saying as many as 17,600 California inmates may be released early due to the coronavirus.

Also we've noted that, according to the Office of Justice, criminals released from prison are re-arrested 30 to 45 times more than normal citizens.

NOTE: The names of the involved have been changed per our new policy.

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