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Crime Surges: Workers Urged to Dress Down

NYC street with Bank of America sign and police officers.
Workers are being advised to dress down to attract less attention from criminals. (Corbis via Getty Images)

In the city with surging assaults and murders companies like Bank of America are now advising their workers to dress in a way to attract less attention to potential attackers.

As lawlessness increases, you might consider similar advice. Being proactive in changing how you can look as a potential target is a good tactic:

  • Dress "down"

  • Eschew luxury brand clothing and bags

  • Hide your phone

  • Don't wear any jewelry that could be attractive for thieves

I've encountered this type of crime avoidance philosophy when in Rio de Janiero.

This trend will most likely continue for some time as our social and cultural fracturing gets worse. It's time to get educated and get trained.

Go to our YouTube channel for information and techniques which can get you started.

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