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Here's What It Looks Like When You Defend Yourself with Keys

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

A common women’s self-defense recommendation is to use your car keys to defend yourself. 

You always have them with you and the theory is that you can use them as weapon against an attacker.  But what’s the effect on the attacker when you do? Check out this video to see what keys are capable of doing when you use them to defend yourself. 

The caveats we add when asked about using keys for self-protection are:

  • You have to be in punching range to strike him, which means he can strike you;

  • You must have reasonable strength and technique for an effective punch;

  • You can’t rely on pain to be a fight-stopper or to deter an adversary.  The majority of attackers on are an intoxicant of some kind during their crime. 

To that last point, the news report says the attacker told the defender, "By the way, I'm Jesus" before he started to attack her.

There is a clue right there that you are not dealing with a normal person. It's difficult for a smaller fighter to usually defeat a larger opponent with strikes. The obvious weakness goes to the first bullet point which means you are going to be fighting a man like a man would which plays to his strengths. Having said that, this is good evidence that the use of keys as an improvised weapon worked well for the woman when defending herself in this case. 

Have the mindset that you will do whatever it takes to get back to your family tonight.

Know that you are worth saving. Be committed. Your spirited defense will cause at least half of all attackers to break off.

Train hard. Be smarter, stronger, and safer.


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