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New Year's Resolutions for a Safer 2021

Happy New Year crystals
Simple New Year's Resolutions to Make us Smarter, Stronger, and Safer in 2021

This year, let’s consider some resolutions to make and keep for our personal protection and security.

This year I resolve to:

  • Attend at least one self-defense course or class;

  • Keep a regular workout schedule;

  • Buy or borrow at least one self-defense video or book;

  • Identify anyone at the door before I open it.

  • Incorporate a flexibility routine into my workout;

  • Always, always lock my doors -- including my car doors.

  • Not get inebriated when I'm out;

  • Never add real-time info on social media when traveling;

  • Never drive directly to my house if I even think something is amiss;

  • Have the mechanic check the belts, hoses and tires on my car;

  • Re-key the locks on my doors (if you live in a place which has been previously occupied);

  • Always put on my seat belt when driving;

  • Never participate in phone surveys;

  • Never walk directly to my car in the parking lot;

  • Add weight resistance exercises to my workout;

  • Shred and destroy mail that contain my personal and financial information;

  • Find a like-minded workout partner for regular drilling of techniques;

  • Open my eyes, empty my mind, and take in what's happening around me;

  • Stay alert, stay safe and enjoy all the fruits of this wonderful life!

Let’s make 2021 a smarter, stronger, safer year.


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