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Tracie Arlington on Everyday Martial Artist Podcast

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

From Bullied in Middle School to Educating Hundreds of Thousands of Children in Self-Defense.

Tracie Arlington women's self-defense instructor
Women and girls self-defense Tracie Arlington was on a recent Everyday Martial Artist podcast.

Tracie Arlington talked with Brian Doucette, host of the Everyday Martial Artist, on her journey in the martial arts from being bullied as a middle schooler to a black belt who has taught self-defense to over 200,000 Girl Scouts.

She says her self-defense focus evolved after finding out her women's self-defense students did not take to the traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum. She is now working with Brad Parker and the Women's Self-Defense Community to continue to get the word out to girls and women everywhere.

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