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Tracie Arlington on Everyday Martial Artist Podcast

Updated: Sep 29

From Bullied in Middle School to Educating Hundreds of Thousands of Children in Self-Defense.

Tracie Arlington women's self-defense instructor
Women and girls self-defense Tracie Arlington was on a recent Everyday Martial Artist podcast.

Tracie Arlington talked with Brian Doucette, host of the Everyday Martial Artist, on her journey in the martial arts from being bullied as a middle schooler to a black belt who has taught self-defense to over 200,000 Girl Scouts.

She says her self-defense focus evolved after finding out her women's self-defense students did not take to the traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum. She is now working with Brad Parker and the Women's Self-Defense Community to continue to get the word out to girls and women everywhere.

Go here to listen to Tracie Arlington with Brian Doucette on the Everyday Martial Artist talking about self-defense for children and women.

If this link doesn't work, go here:

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