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Spain Sees Huge Spike in Sex Crimes

Chart of crimes per 1,000 people in Spain, Denmark, Germany,  and the UK
Surging crime in Spain in comparison to some other European countries.

According to figures from the Spanish Interior Ministry, crime increased significantly in Spain last year, with rapes increasing by about 34% and other sex attacks by over 50%.

In Spain, crime climbed overall by 18.8%, but sex-related offenses saw significant increases, such as penetration-based sexual assaults, which rose by 53.2% from 2022, and rapes, which rose by 33.9%.

Despite the skyrocketing increases, Spain still has a lower crime rate compared with some other European countries.

Spain has about 48.8 criminal acts per 1,000 people. The United Kingdom, has 79.5 criminal acts per 1,000 people, Germany's rate is 60.7, and Denmark is 53.9 per 1,000 people.

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