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Who is Reading "Never Defenseless: Empowering Women's Self-Defense"

Thanks again to all of you who have purchased the book on Amazon and made recommendations to others.

It's been fun to get feedback and notes from instructors and students around the globe. Some of the comments and notes are from friends and current instructors who have reviewed the manuscript and also those who have added the book to make sure their curriculum is current and complete.

One of the realities of instructing is that most of your students are new so they need the first steps and techniques given first. There is only so much information that we can expect students to learn -- and retain -- each class. This means we end up teaching the same initial elements of Stay with People again and again. And again. It's important to get our students prepared fast -- I want our girls and women to leave the class having at least one thing they can use tonight!

As instructors, this often means that we don’t get a chance to dive in deeply to the curriculum. So far, I’m getting comments that this is exactly the information our instructors want so they can have all of the techniques and options clearly spelled out.

Readers also get the advantage that they can see how all the self-defense techniques fit together in a logical, natural progression. And they can revisit the sections and techniques any time they need.

Currently, the readers of the books have come from roughly the geographic regions we normally see from our instructors and visitors to the website and YouTube channel. As you can see in this chart, readers are coming from the U.S., Germany, and the United Kingdom. This is congruent with my experience of visitors which also normally includes Canada, Ireland, Australia, France, Italy, and New Zealand.

It's also interesting that the vast bulk of readers are choosing the tangible hardcover and paperback versions of the book. Despite the buzz about electronic versions of books, 81% of our readers prefer a book you can hold in your hand.


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