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The Dangerous Side of Chicago in One Graph

Infographic showing statistics for crime in the city of Chicago.
Chicago crime by the numbers.
  • The 67,000 recorded major crimes in Chicago last year were 41% more than in 2021, and they have already increased by 58% this year.

  • Chicago topped the country in murders in 2022 for the eleventh consecutive year, with 697.

  • Public transportation crime is also out of control hitting the highest rate of violent crimes in seven years.

  • Even worse, Chicago's big crime arrest rates were just 5% on average.

  • Additionally, there were no officers available to answer high-priority 911 calls 400,000 times in 2021.

  • The iconic Magnificent Mile sits 30% vacant after flagship stores have closed following the violent chaos.

Despite the collapse of the city, responsible citizens are limited in their ability to defend themselves because of Chicago's history of enacting severe gun control laws.

Yes, you really are on your own in Chicago.

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