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10 Women Who Defended Themselves with Firearms

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Woman armed with handgun practicing at gun range.
If they can do it to save lives, you can do it.

We've noticed some media pundits commenting on the recent spate of gun control orders and legislation seem to assert that because the Second Amendment was drafted by and for men, it condemns women to become victims of gun violence.

However, women IRL are successfully defending themselves or others, against the very same dangerous attackers who an unarmed woman would have been defenseless against.

Take a look at these examples from around the States from earlier this year:

  1. Five teenagers who attempted to carjack a woman in Atlanta. The woman drew her own handgun and engaged the would-be carjackers, who then ran away. She was hurt, but her automobile was not taken. After a short police chase of the criminals during which they damaged a vehicle they had taken during a second carjacking, the dangerous teens were apprehended.

  2. A woman in Longview, Texas, armed herself with a rifle and engaged a male who tried to break into her home. Before shooting him, the woman urged the man to leave her porch because he had a history of breaking into nearby homes illegally. According to the police, who took the injured man into custody, he resisted and attempted to smash through the sliding glass door with his fist. 

  3. Police in Lincolnton, North Carolina, reported that a woman's ex-husband arrived at the house she was sleeping at, forcibly pushed his way inside, and threatened both the female homeowner and the lady. The homeowner pulled a gun from a bedroom during the struggle, shot the intruder out of self-defense, and then fled to a neighbor's house to dial 911. Police have accused the injured husband of numerous offenses.

  4. A woman is assaulted by her boyfriend. She leaves and then returns to their shared house to get her belongings and get her three small children. She was accompanied by a female acquaintance for support. She and the boyfriend argued, and he then attacked her once more. When she saw he was armed, she drew her own handgun and shot him out of self-preservation. According to authorities, the three children were not wounded, but the mom, her friend, and boyfriend were all hurt. The boyfriend is accused of being a felon in unlawful possession of a firearm, among other felonies.

  5. In Dayton, Ohio, a man climbed the roof of a woman's house in the middle of the night, and attempted to enter her bedroom window -- this despite a court order of protection against him. She grabbed a gun to defend herself and her daughter when she heard the intruder and shot the man in the arm as he entered her bedroom. She told the authorities that when her ex-boyfriend fled the residence, she recognized him. Later that day, after calling for paramedics to treat his gunshot wound, he was taken into custody. (Note: a piece of paper cannot protect you from someone who has no respect for the law).

  6. A man approached a woman and her boyfriend in a park in Reading, Pennsylvania. As the couple prepared to get into their car he shot two rounds at them. The women responded by drawing her own handgun. She fired back, allowing her wounded boyfriend time to hide behind their car. Later, police detained their attacker and accused him of attempted homicide and illegally holding a firearm while a felon.

  7. When a women Uber driver in Orlando arrived at a customer's pick-up location, she observed the man violently beating another woman. Because the driver didn't want to leave the woman with her attacker, she chose to give them a ride despite the man's violent behavior. While the Uber driver spoke with the girlfriend, the man fell asleep in the back seat of the vehicle -- apparently drunk. She stopped the car and ordered the man out, but he assaulted both his girlfriend and the woman driver according to the police. The man shoved his girlfriend to the ground and threatened the driver, who shot the attacker stopping his assault.

  8. In Paradise, Nevada, a woman's ex-boyfriend stormed into the house where she, her boyfriend, and their three kids were living. The ex-boyfriend fled after the woman armed herself and dial 911. But a little while later he came back with his own gun, aimed towards the current boyfriend's head. According to authorities, the woman fired one shot, hitting him in the head and killing him. No other people were hurt.

  9. In the middle of the night in Toledo, a woman shot a suspected would-be invader who broke into a house where many children were present. An unidentified male suspect broke into the home at around one in the morning. He entered the house through the front entrance, where he was shot many times by a female occupant who was armed.

  10. A woman in Charleston told a man to slow down as he was speeding through an apartment complex during a birthday-graduation party. The man returned to the apartment complex with a rifle and began firing into the crowd. The heroic woman drew her own handgun and shot the man, ending his attempt at mass murder. Her decisive actions no doubt saved many young lives.


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