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The ABCs of Women's Self-Defense

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In the above video published on the community's YouTube channel, Coach Tracie and instructor Matt talk about the ABCs of self-defense.

She says the acronym stands for:

A = Awareness

B = Boundary

C = Confidence

Tracie talks about about role-playing and the importance of 'writing a script for your brain' to help you preplan some reactions for what you can do for common situations that you can run into socially. She advises even practicing your role-playing with friends or dorm mates before you go out. Matt and Aly role-play through some common party situations showing the wrong way to handle them follow up with a suggested technique to handle the situation safely.

The number one date rape drug is alcohol. Watch as Matt and Aly do some additional role-playing on ways to handle offers of drinks at parties.


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