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Your Daughter is Going to College: Essential Safety Advice She Needs

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Tracie Arlington recently did an extensive interview with the Taking The Mystery Out of 50 website to educate parents on the safety information your student will need to stay safe.

The first semester of college is statistically the most dangerous for girls and young women. Take a look at the video of the interview below.

Tracie is the founder of Play It Safe Self-Defense and she specializes in teaching children and young women self-defense strategies and techniques. She is a nationally known expert on the subject and has appeared on the Dr. Phil show twice.

During the interview, Tracie shares:

  • The top 5 criteria and tools predators use to pick their victims and how booze comes out on top.

  • The bulk of college sexual assaults take place in the "Red Zone," which is the time period from mid-August to November.

  • The significance of being aware of your teen's "Title 9" coordinator and how they can assist in protecting your student in the event of a sexual assault.

  • The significance of the consent-based "Yes Means Yes" law. However, it recently changed, and your daughter must be aware of this.

  • Why, despite what students are instructed to do, it is safest to inform the local police and not the campus authorities..

  • The essentials your daughter should carry for self-defense.

  • The crucial mobile applications that can keep her secure while she's in college. 

  • The distinction between acquaintance and date rape.

  • Tracie demonstrates where and how to attack during a conflict.

  • WHY it's crucial to educate and train your daughter PRIOR to her departure.


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