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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We are going to be using the Women's Self-Defense Community YouTube channel more to facilitate our mission to empower you through education and training to be safe in an unsafe world.

On this channel you'll find information, tips, and techniques you can use during your daily life, at school, at work, or on the road. The topic of self-defense and personal protection for women is first and foremost different than self-defense and security tips for men, so we keep it separate from our other channel and website TSG Defense.

You'll see on our YouTube channel we try to tackle a number of different topics and areas that are important to you in today's increasingly fracturing and unsafe environment.

One of the ways you can help get the word out to more women around the world is to subscribe to the YouTube channel and comment on the videos. YouTube's algorithm looks at the kind of activity that is happening on the channel, just like you know that Facebook does, and increases the visibility of our site with different people.

It's an easy way for you to help women everywhere stay smarter, stronger, safer.

Thanks for being part of community and spreading this very much needed and important information.


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